"It is not by might nor by glory, but by the simple belief in ourselves, our God, and the support of those around us."


Matthew Karl Meier - 1968 - 1996

Matthew Meier's life is an inspiration to all - read more at www.matthewmeier.com
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ortitude:  Rise up to meet life's challenges.  It is not by might nor by glory, but by the simple belief in ourselves, our God, and the support of those around us.  That which once was, shall become a guidepost for those to come.


Matthew Meier exemplified the gift of fortitude as he fought his battle with cancer - learn more at www.matthewmeier.com

Catholics define Fortitude as one of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit bringing to those who have it “a dauntless spirit of resolution, firmness of mind, and indomitable will to persevere with a quiet faith in God’s providence that overcomes all obstacles”. It also brings “courage to persist in the practice of virtue despite trials, illness, persecution or external failure”. A Catholic who becomes fervent in God’s service will soon be condemned by the world, but the gift of fortitude will sustain him as he walks toward the Cross. ~ Martin Barrack, “Second Exodus”


Matthew Meier's legacy lives on at the Pacific War Memorial in Honolulu Hawaii - read more at www.matthewmeier.com

Unfortunately Matthew’s cancer would not respond to treatment and by the end of May of 1996 he was given less than six months to live and no hope for a cure.  But Matt’s belief in God and the creed he lived by, “Faith, Family, Friends, Fortitude, Future”, never faltered.  He was relentless in his pursuit to conquer his disease, and he enlisted his wife, family and friends in his plight.  His journey led him across the country and beyond its borders to the leading institutions in the field, but the cure was not to be found and the disease went into its advanced stages.  But not everyone with cancer is as lucky.

Matthew Meier's memory is kept alive through the American Cancer Society Relay for Life activities in Kaneohe, Hawaii and Carbondale, Illinois - read more at www.matthewmeier.com


On September 25, 1996, after undergoing 13 cycles of chemotherapy and 2 major surgeries, and having sought alternative medicinal treatments throughout the globe in search of a cure, Matthew lost his 15 month battle with Mediastinal Germ Cell Tumors, which are commonly associated with dyspnea, cough, hemoptysis, chest or back pain, and, occasionally, superior vena cava syndrome.  Matthew's family encourages everyone to learn more about this disease. 


Every year Matthew's life is celebrated by helping to raise funds to find a cure for others with this disease through the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life held in Kailua during the summer.  Do your part and form a team today!


Together we can do so much more ~ come join us!

"Matt's Team" has a goal each year to surpass 65 teams and pass the $65,000.00 mark. With the help of all of the generous donations received, and with the help of the corporate sponsors we solicited, along with the sale of luminarias, the monies we turn in to the Windward Unit of the American Cancer Society can do so much towards finding a cure.  Each team at the Relay for Life is asked to either donate an item to the silent auction or to have a fundraising activity of their own.

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